Dienstag, 15. März 2016

Car bomb in Berlin today was not a terrorist attack but an assassination

The author in Mexico with a policeman
The car bomb that exploded today in Berlin was not a terrorist attack. A Turkish drug boss was assassinated by competing organized crime acteurs. We face a powershift on the German drug market. Realizing a more effective " productline " the Mexican Cartel industry tries to implement control from coca fields in Latin America direct to the customer in Europe. The Arabic/Turkish/Kurdisch organisations distributing drugs now will face the Narco expansion. Due to the higher level of violence and the higher organisation skills there is a high possibility of a successfull powershift. Cheaper prices for the products will expand the use and the number of customers. A cartel works more like a business, organised in all consequences. Narcos always come with corruption of the target society including politics and state authorities while the existing groups are less organised.

You will finde more on that topic and my researches in my new book coming soon !